Q: When did you start to make dolls?
A: I'm not sure, but I believe I started in 2003. Then I had a break, and started again in 2005. But I'm not constant. I can have entire months in which I do not touch a single pixel.

Q: What kind of programs do you use to make dolls?
A: Whatever! Sometimes it's simply Paint. But I prefer Paint Shop and Animation Shop.

Q: Are you interested in links exchange? And what about become my 'sister'?
A: Links exchanges are more than welcome! But if you want to be my sister in pixel... Try to ask it to me but only if you know that I have previously appreciated you and your works. Otherwise it would have no sense to become 'sisters'... and if I do not reply to your request, it means that I haven't accepted it... sorry...

Q: Why don't you update the site more often?
A: Because I've a lot of things to do, as everyone! And I've several other hobbies that take my time too. Besides I suppose I should apologize with all my friends that have to endure my absence when I'm taken by something else...

Q: Where are all the old dolls?
A: On my deviantart account.

If you have any other question... contact me!